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Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Still waiting...

Our rental property has now been vacant for almost a month now... there's nothing to do but wait for the right tenants to turn up. The property is over 40 years old, and pretty much in "original" condition, so we're only asking for a modest amount of rent for this suburb. Unfortunately, whilst the small cliff that the house is perched on gives wonderful valley views [link], it also puts off prospective tenants that have small children.

We're soon going to have to start "redrawing" the extra payments we'd made on our home loan over the years in order to make the loan payments while the wife is on maternity leave and then goes back to work part-time. I hate to think how much longer it will take us to pay of our home loans for every week we're missing out on any rental income. I always told the wife I prefer investing in the stock market...

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