Friday 27 October 2006

Blog Monetization: Building Traffic

James Brausch has some interesting tips on how to build up blog traffic at his Internet business site. One of the more interesting articles is "Why Article Marketing Is My #1 Traffic Strategy" - where he outlines how to build traffic by writing an article, and, by mixing and matching several different versions (swapping variations of the same paragraph) you can generate hundreds of "unique" content articles for submission. Unfortunately he doesn't provide much info on where to submit your articles - for that you'd have to buy he software "Artemis Pro" for $105! As I can easily write a macro in excel to mix 'n match article paragraphs to create "unique" content, it's just a question of how much time it would take to manually track down article submission sites and manually submit my articles. I'll do a bit of research on this and see if it's worth spending the $105. I suppose it all depends on how monetized your site is, and whether the increased traffic justifies the cost.

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Anonymous said...

FWIW there is a much less expensive software called article uniqualizer that does a better job of making the article unique. I read that swapping paragraphs isn`t working anymore.