Tuesday 1 May 2018

Net Worth: Mar-Apr 2018

I've been quite busy at work, especially at the end of the month, so I didn't get around to doing a Net Worth post for March. So here are the snapshots for March and April:

Everything was down in March, with my geared stock portfolio shedding $33,764, and my superannuation account balance losing $14,037. Real Estate continued to 'correct', so the estimated house price (my half) declined by $13,474. Overall my NW decreased by $61,043 (-2.64%) that month.

April was a mixed result, with property prices continuing to weaken, reducing the estimated house price to $830,451 - a drop of $9,069. On the other hand, the local and international stock markets recovered, so my geared stock portfolio net value rose to $229,186 (up $22,305 or 10.78%) and my retirement savings rose to $943,899 (up $24,457 or 2.66%), helped along as usual by the employer SGL contribution and my 'salary sacrifice' contribution.

Overall, my NW declined by -$61,043 in March, and recovered $37,912.

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