Monday 16 October 2006

Blog Review - EW turns three (months)

Get Rich Slowly [link] has just done a review of his blog's progress over the past six months. Aside from being green with envy at his blog's success (and his writing ability), I thought that some feedback on my blog would be extremely useful. So I'm asking for your feedback. (With acknowledgement to Get Rich Slowly for the structure of this post - it hardly seemed worth reinventing the wheel).

Enough Wealth began three months ago (19 July to be exact). In that time, it has started to slowly build up some momentum:

Posts: 61 (1.0/day)
Comments: 3 (0.03/day) !
Spam: 1 (0.01/day)
Visitors: 553 (16/day) since 25/9
Page Views: 1,045 (53/day)
Subscribers: 2 (0 by email)

I'd love to get your comments (more, more!), suggestions, and contributions. To quote GRS "If you find something that other readers should see, send it in. If you have a question about personal finance, let me know. Your feedback (good and bad) will help to improve this site. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments or via e-mail."

Where my Reader's are from:

United States 68%
Canada 10%
India 9%
Romania 5%
Japan 2%
Poland 1%
New Zealand 1%
Ireland 1%
United Kingdom 1%
Germany 1%
Other 1%

As an Aussie blogging from Sydney, I'm thrilled that 78% of my readers are in the US and Canada (but a bit perplexed that I have no readers here in Oz!) I think this probably has to do with most readers finding me via links on and a handful of PF blogs [thanks Free Money Finance, Living Poor, and 1stMillionAt33].

BTW - If any other bloggers have tips on increasing traffic, please let me know.

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