Thursday 1 October 2015

Net Worth: September 2015

A rather poor monthly performance with the stock market dip at the end of the month capping off a period of weakness. My geared stock portfolio lost $20,141 (-16.05%), and the market weakness also adversely affected my retirement savings, with my SMSF account balance dropping $8,286 (-1.19%) despite two months worth of Employer Contributions (including my hefty amount of salary sacrifice) being deposited during September.

Sydney real estate has also come off the boil, with a relatively small monthly gain being reported in most available sales price data. The data previously used to estimate our house valuation (six months average sales price for our postcode) is no longer available, and the switch to a difference source of monthly average sales price resulted in a 'paper' loss of $3,757 (-0.58%). The local council has delayed the release of planning report regarding housing densities in our suburb until at least April 2016, with any 'rezoning' happening after that. So we aren't likely to make any windfall profit from selling our home to a developer until at least 2017. In the meantime I'll continue to use the conservative valuation based on house sales across the entire suburb.

The $336,000 valuation used for my rural 25-acre 'hobby farm' property is still based on the valuation at the time I 'inherited' the property, plus subsequent capital improvement expenses. A rough current price estimate (based on movement in the house sale prices in the nearest country town) suggests it might currently be worth around $440,000 in the current market.

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