Sunday 15 October 2006

Monetization: PPP

As a blog about personal finance, one of the topics I cover is the monetization of this blog. While I'm all for earning a little bit extra here and there, I don't want sponsorship (ads/links) to be inappropriate or intrusive. I also don't want my posts to be biased by sponsorship requirements.

My monetization "goal" is to eventually generate enough income to cover costs associated with blogging - my monthly broadband bill, pfblogs "friends" fee etc. But I don't expect it will ever generate any return on the time spent blogging - but that's fine as blogging about PF is a hobby, not work. And I spend a large chunk of my personal time reading about PF and managing my investments anyhow.

To add another "potential" source of revenue I've setup an account with PayPerPost.

My personal rules about using PayPerPost are as follows:
1) If, and only if, I see an "opportunity" that I find interesting and I can honestly write a "suitable" (ie. neutral or positive) post about it, I'll include a post about it in this blog.
2) I'll use the technorati tag "PayPerPost" (or PPP) to clearly denote all sponsored posts. Any readers who find sponsored posts objectionable can simply skip over these posts.
3) If an "opportunity" on PPP is interesting, but I want to write a negative post about it, I'll NOT tag the post as PPP, and I'll also not include the required link. ie. it won't be a sponsored post.
4) Any PPP posts will be additional to my usual, unsponsored posting, so this blog isn't in danger of becoming a link farm or a splog.

- actually, this post isn't sponsored, but the tag is relevant ;)

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