Friday 3 April 2015

Iran deal terminally stupid

After years of sanctions that were obviously starting to bite, Iran finally came to the negotiating table -- and got everything they wanted. The 'deal' will lift the sanctions that were impacting Iran's economy (which some western critics had complained simply punished the innocent population of Iran -- but what better way to incite the population to be disaffected with their leadership and encourage change from within?) and in exchange Iran was not 'agreed' to halt research into developing nuclear weapons, but instead has reached an 'understanding' that includes some limits to the use of its nuclear research facilities and the amount of enriched uranium it can stockpile.

What this means in reality is that instead of the 'worst case' scenario of Iran being theoretically (but never realistically) being able to stockpile enough enriched uranium for a single nuclear weapon 'within months' (but not having the ability to actual build a nuclear weapon for many years to come), we now have a situation where they can continue developing the knowledge and technology required to produce a functional and effective nuclear weapon (which was always going to take several more years or research, and time to steal/buy technology from Russia, North Korea, Pakistan etc.) and can still produce enough enriched uranium for a weapon within a year or so of being ready to make use of it...

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