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Sunday, 19 September 2021

Diet week 5

My macronutrient daily averages for week 5 were:

fibre            15.6 g
fat              18.9 %
protein          85.8 g
sodium         2630.1 mg
energy         1978.9 kcals
carbohydrates    63.2 %

My average weight for week 5 was 107.6 kg, a slight increase of 0.3 kg. In theory I was consuming less than my basal metabolic requirement, so I should have lost a small amount of weight rather than putting weight on, but I had started a bit of body weight exercise and slightly more walking, so perhaps I lost fat and replaced it with lean mass instead. According to my bathroom scales my body fat % hasn't decreased, but I know from previously tracking data that the body fat % reading isn't very reliable or consistent. I do need to cut out having the occasional 'dessert' snack after dinner, as that should ensure I actually lose weight rather than just 'flat line'.

My average daily step count last week increased slightly (2,251 steps/day), as I went for a lunchtime walk four times last week. Need to add an evening walk to my routine as well. I also need to do 5BX every evening, rather than just doing a bit of resistance training whenever I 'feel like it'.

I also need to arrange for our pool pump to be fixed next week, so I can get the pool ready for 'swimming season' to commence.

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Thursday, 16 September 2021

Australia finally plans for an effective sub fleet

In a shock outbreak of intelligent decision making, the Australia government today announced that they would scrap the trouble-plagued deal to build a fleet of vastly expensive, and probably ineffective, conventional submarines in Adelaide, and instead shift to building much more capable nuclear-powered subs in conjunction with the US and UK.

While this always seemed the obvious best solution for replacing our trouble-plagued fleet of Collins class conventional subs, I was shocked that such a rational decision has actually been made. Usually anything with the word 'nuclear' in it gets blocked in Australia (they even renamed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging (NMR) as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to cater to radiation-phobes). Hopefully costs don't blow out too much by trying to build as much as possible in Adelaide (this usually turns out to  be a very expensive way to buy local jobs), but at least the end result should be an effective submarine fleet at a reasonable life-cycle cost per unit, compared to the conventional French-designed sub that had seen costs blow out from the initial estimates.

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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Diet week 4

My macronutrient averages for week 4 were:

fibre            12.7 g
fat              17.5 %
protein          61.7 g
sodium         2360.9 mg
energy         1745.1 kcals
carbohydrates    68.0 %

My average weight for week 4 was 107.3 kg, a decrease of -0.7 kg, which was close to what I expect at my current BMI when I stick to my diet plan of around 1,800 kcals/day. I could do with a bit more fiber and protein in my diet though - probably more vegetables and fruits would be good.

My average daily step count last week was still a lot less than I should be doing (averaging just 933 steps/day), and I didn't really have any excuses last week, just lacking self-motivation. I just need to make sure I go for a brisk walk every day and get back into the habit. It was a lot easier when I was going to the office, as I walked quite a bit just going to work by bus and train, plus I would go for a walk during 'lunch hour' most days. Working from home I can go for a walk at any time, which means that I tend to keep putting it off and never get around to it.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Diet week 3

My macronutrient averages for week 3 were:

fibre            16.1 g
carbohydrates    65.1 %
fat              18.1 %
protein          85.2 g
sodium         3480.7 mg
energy         2118.1 kcals

My average weight for week 3 was 108.0 kg, an increase of 0.2 kg. I had expected my rate of weight loss to slow as my metabolism adjusted to the reduced caloric intake, but due to consuming slightly more calories than planned, my average weight for week 3 was actually slightly higher than in week 2. Fortunately my weight started to decrease again by the end of week 3.

My average daily step count last week was also less than I had intended (averaging just 850 steps/day), probably due to the rainy weather. I'll have to make sure I do more regular walks from now on.

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