Tuesday 2 November 2021

Net Worth: OCT 2021

My monthly NW estimate has been updated in NetWorthShare for the end of October. Chart is in the side-bar.

Stocks and managed fund investments decreased this month, down -$9,618 (-3.05%) to have $315,135 net equity in my geared share portfolios. Part of this is due to using my portfolio loan to make a contribution into our SMSF to cover a quarterly provisional tax payment that was due. In future I will just sell off some of the SMSF investment in the Vanguard High Growth Index Fund to cover any cash flow requirements for tax or DW's pension payments.

Our estimated house price for September (my half) increased by $41,976 (4.20%) to $1,041,627.

Real estate prices, including home units/apartments in the suburb where I purchased a one-bedroom apartment 'off the plan', continue to rise (there was a bit of a slump in apartment prices in Sydney last year due to Covid), so hopefully I won't have any trouble getting a mortgage for 'settlement' when the construction of the apartment block (88 by JQZ) is completed in Q2 2023.

The value of my retirement savings increased during October to $1,503,198 (up $12,874 or 0.86%).

Overall, my estimated NW increased slightly to $3,182,014 by the end of October - up by $44,971 (1.43%).

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