Saturday 11 November 2006

Frugal living: Free business plan info and tools

The business plan consulting service has some useful information available as .pdf guidebooks, plus some good calculators - all available for free on their website. The guidebooks include a business plan guide and a report on the top business plan mistakes. The Help Center provides free reports, calculators, sample plans, directories and other tools to help entrepreneurs and growing businesses develop their business plans and/or raise capital. This is all good stuff to help you when writing the perfect business plan.

The free online calculators include the following:
Start-Up Cost Calculator
Cash Flow Calculator
Investor Offering Calculator
Discounted Cash Flow Calculator
Break Even Calculator
Financial Plan (in Excel)
Slide Presentation Software

There are also some other useful resources and links for anyone wanting to do a business plan for their company. Including one to a good course on Starting or Growing Your Business from covering the following topics:

Session 1: Deciding on a Business
Session 2: The Business Plan
Session 3: Computer Tools
Session 4: Business Organization
Session 5: Licenses & Permits (New!)
Session 6: Business Insurance
Session 7: Location and Leasing
Session 8: Accounting and Cash Flow
Session 9: How to Finance Your Business
Session 10: E-Commerce Business
Session 11: Buying a Business or Franchise
Session 12: Opening and Marketing
Session 13: Expanding and Problems
Session 14: International Trade

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