Saturday 18 November 2006

Blog Monetization: Why I love PPP

There are many, many nice things about PayPerPost, the word of mouth marketing service:
1. They pay (I got my first $4.00 paid into my PayPal account a few days ago, so I can vouch for this).
2. They pay a reasonable amount of money per post, so it's actually worthwhile.
3. They have a range of "opportunities" available, and new ones appear all the time.
4. Some of the opportunities are relevant to my readers, as they deal with PF related topics/services, or I can personally relate to the produce, so its worth a blog.
5. They don't mind posts being tagged as sponsored - in fact they encourage it!
6. There are lots of "opportunities" that allow either +ve or -ve comment, so I can write as I see fit. ps. Even if the "opportunity" only wanted +ve reviews, I'd still review it if I had looked into the site and had negative views to express - I just wouldn't take the PPP opportunity and get paid for my comment.
7. The turn around on accepting your posts and approving them for payment is very quick - usually only 1 or 2 days.
8. Their website is very clearly laid out and easy to use.

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