Thursday 22 May 2008

What happens when a 55 year old millionaire marries a 19 year old beauty?

I think the most surprising thing about the acrimonious divorce of tyre millionaire and ex-racer Bob Jane from his wife Laree is that the marriage lasted twenty years before coming to grief. I suppose having three teenage children made Mr Jane and Ms Jane stick it out for as long as they did. Allegedly Laree Jane was an "extravagant spender" who had owned 41 credit cards and could not live within an $800,000 yearly allowance during her marriage to the tyre tycoon.

After the couple separated Ms Jane was initially paid $30,000 a month for personal expenses. When the payments stopped she resorted to raiding the business bank accounts of the two tyre franchises operated by herself, her sister and her brother-in-law in order to pay off her overused credit cards. Her ex is now trying to terminate the franchise agreements of the two stores because they haven't paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid franchise debts.

The privately owned Bob Jane Corporation operates more than 150 Bob Jane T-Marts and outsells even the major tyre manufacturers in the replacement trade.

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Anonymous said...

Are all women like that or do rich men just choose poorly?