Friday 9 May 2008

Money info for UK readers

Anyone living in the UK reading this blog might be interested in visiting this interesting Money website. Aside from the usual information about the various Credit Cards on the market, it also has information regarding insurance and other money-related topics.

This site also offers a financial email newsletter and you can subscribe to the RSS feeds of one of its numerous financial blogs. The newsletter has some genuinely useful and interesting information, for example, there is an article about a high interest savings account available for people aged between16 and 20, offering an impressive 10% on savings (Alliance & Leicester's award winning Premier 21 account). Another article provides details of the ISA available from Barclays that is offering a tax-free 6.5% AER.

The main webpage is well laid out, and has a summary of "Latest Money News". There are links to the specialist sections on Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages, Savings, Current Accounts, and Share Dealings. The insurance section covers car, home, travel and pet insurance and is well laid out. For example, the car insurance page lets you view and compare insurance offerings with the best discount, as well as special offers for woman, over-50s, young drivers, students, classic cars and performance cars.

The credit card page has listing of most popular cards, those that are offering 0% balance transfers, cash back/rewards, or cards available to people with bad credit, or for business use.

I quite like this site as apart from all the usual consumer financial product information, it is well organised and also provides some useful articles as well as news information.

Signing up for the email newsletter only requires an email address, and they state that they will NOT provide your details to any third party. The fact that they are registered with the Data Protection Act and provide a registration number is also reassuring. Once you've registered with your email address you can also download a free eBook of money saving tips. I signed up for the free eBook and got a message that the link would be emailed to me. The email hadn't arrived after five minutes, so I have yet to read through the eBook.

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