Wednesday 14 May 2008

Building our Square Foot Garden (2)

I ended up not doing much work on the DS1's vegetable garden last weekend. I spent a while chatting with my parents on Sunday afternoon when I dropped DS1 off for a visit, and then when I started digging out the remaining grass and levelling the area I got a bad headache and called it quits for the rest of Sunday afternoon.

I did manage to track down a supplier of 'bulk' bags of vermiculite in Sydney via the internet. On Monday I ordered 2x100L bags for $72 ($24 each plus $24 delivery), which is less than 1/4 the price per L that I paid for the 5L bags from Bunnings on Saturday! The bulk vermiculate was delivered today, so when I have a day off work on Friday I'll return the small bags to Bunnings and exchange them for some additional blocks of compressed cocopeat. If I get the boxes built on Friday and varnished I should be able to mix the soil mix on the weekend and DS1 can start planting out the seedlings he got for his birthday.

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