Sunday 7 October 2007

Time to Knuckle Down and Study

After getting halfway through the second of the four Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) subject by the start of last month, I haven't made any progress since. I'd fallen behind in my assignments for the Grad Dip of Education subjects I'm enrolled in this term, mostly due to having three different bouts of the 'flu this winter. I finally got the first assignment for one of the GradDipEd courses sent off two week ago (a bit overdue) and have decided to drop the other course for this term. The second (and final) assignment for the GradDipEd course isn't due for over a month, so I'll try to make some more progress on the remaining DFS(FP) subjects this week and finish them all off next weekend. If I don't get the four subject for the DFS(FP) completed by the end of this month I'd have to pay an extra $150 for a two month extension of time time to complete the course. Time to crack open the books ;)

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