Wednesday 3 October 2007

I was surfing the blogosphere (is that a mixed metaphore?) when I read on Money Blue Book about reserving your kids domain names for future use. I thence surfed over to dotster and checked out the .com for DS1 and DS2's, which happened to be available. So I registered them both for 1 year ($14.95 each). It's a bit of a waste of money right now, as DS1 and DS2 aren't about to setup their own websites for many years (if ever), but if I waited till they might need these domain names they're likely to be taken (their names aren't all that unusual!). I charged the registrations to my Paypal account. Since the money in paypal has been earned from blogging it doesn't seem like real money ;)

If nothing else, when the kids leave school/uni and are job hunting they can use the websites for a glorified C.V. That's assuming that the web and C.V's are still in use in fifteen or twenty years time ;)

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Anonymous said...

You should do the same for Yahoo, Gmail, and Windows Live Hotmail email accounts too. :)