Tuesday 9 October 2007

The Opportunity Cost of Blogging.

I received some company information packs for share purchase plans, stock entitlements, and share buy backs over the past few weeks and they were sitting at home waiting to be read and actioned. I'd flicked through them when they first arrived, but I'd put them aside, meaning to study them in detail closer to the "due date". Some were getting close to the deadline for action by last week, but, as I was feeling a bit run down, I only managed to spend time with kids, watching TV and do some blogging after work. I finally got around to reading through the paperwork at lunchtime today. It turned out that the stock entitlement offer from Newcrest Mining was to buy 105 shares at $17.50. As the current price of NCM is around $28, buying these shares would net a quick and practically risk-free gain of around $1,000. Unfortunately the offer expired last Thursday! Perhaps if I hadn't spent my "spare" time blogging I'd have got around to reading through this before the offer period ended. Ah well, if I hadn't been blogging it's likely I would have been reading a book or something else, and still not got around to this paperwork in time. But it's still annoying to think that the lack of spending 30 minutes reading through this paper last week cost me more than I'll probably ever get from blogging.

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Anonymous said...

that really depends on how much you make from blogging.

I'm making around $500/mo so I guess you're not motivated enough to monetize your blog.

Is having enough wealth a de-motivating factor?