Wednesday 3 October 2007

Well, sitting here watching TV I thought I'd check out if was an available domain name. Turns out it was already taken (no surprise there), but trying out a few variations I came up with that was available and seems to have potential. So I registered it for one year. Probably another $14.95 down the e-drain, but I imagine it can be used to create an e-Business.

Business Plan
1. Rego domain name - done
2. Collate a list of baby name info - meanings, origins etc.
3. Setup a website with this info organised in various lists
- alphabetical
- by origin/culture
- by most popular
- by "type" - animals, flowers, stones, famous people etc. etc
4. Do SEO. Having the phrase "picking baby names" in the domain name should help it get a good ranking for relevant searches
5. Monetize the site using text link ads and possibly some sponsorship.

Looks easy enough on paper, just requires a lot of hours of "spare" time to implement! Getting the name info shouldn't be a problem as there are a host of "baby name" books and sites out there, all with similar information and no referencing. Therefore it should be easy to create my own baby name database without creating any copyright issues. There's scope for adding features such as mapping mashups, forums etc. but I'll look at the cost-benefit of the extra work if the basic site gets up and running.

We'll see how it pans out. I have lots of other irons in the fire (family, GradDipEd coursework, DFS(FP) coursework) so I may not get around to it. In fact, although I may spend some time fiddling around with it when I'm bored it's unlikely to become the next google - I'm just too lazy to be a great entrepreneur.

There are lots of titles such as the "automatic millionaire" and the "accidental millionaire" already in use - perhaps my epithet should be the "lazy millionaire" or "mediocre millionaire" ;)

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