Sunday 7 October 2007

Site Review: MortgageFit

MortgageFit Community has over 24,000 members who provide personalized knowledge and guidance on mortgage and related issues via the many community discussions. Recent discussion topics include foreclosure, quit claim deeds, refinancing and more. The site also has forty calculators available to help you work out simple calculations and make smarter decisions. If nothing else, the site's discussions provide interesting reading. It's amazing how people can get into absolutely desperate financial positions and don't try to investigate the situation and their options until it is too late. For example, there's a post by a member whose home is getting foreclosed on 11th October, and is only now trying to find out (via on online forum!) how this will affect the 2nd mortgage, how long after the foreclosure they have to move out, and if filing bankruptcy would 'stop everything'. Another post is from a member asking about whether paying 12 years of taxes owed on a property would enable his family to reclaim title to a property they were 'swindled' out of back in 1960. I'd be a bit cautious about some of the advice being bandied about though, as many people are willing to give an opinion without having relevant qualifications or expert knowledge.

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