Thursday 5 January 2017

I bought a raffle ticket

While I usually don't gamble, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy a $10 raffle ticket being sold be Cessnock Pistol Club (to be drawn at the Nationals in April). I saw their ad for the raffle while processing my entry in the ISSF Vintage competition (not sure why it is called 'vintage') being held next month. As they are only selling 400 raffle tickets, and the prize is a voucher for a $3600 Pardini pistol, each ticket is notionally 'worth' 1/400 x $3600 = $9. So the cost of $10 seems reasonable. Most lotteries payout around 50%-70% of their ticket sales revenue in prizes, so a $1.30 'Oz Lotto' ticket, for example, is only 'worth' around 80c on average. Of course the reality is that there is a 99.75% probability (399/400) that I've simply thrown that $10 away ;)

If my air pistol results at competitions this year warrant it, I am thinking about upgrading my ~30 year old Feinwerkbau model 100 air pistol - possibly getting the new Steyr Evo 10 air pistol (which replaces the Steyr LP10 that seems to have been the most popular choice at World Cup, Olympic and Commonwealth Games air pistol competitions in recent years). I checked with the company that will be redeeming the raffle prize voucher, and it can be redeemed for any pistol of similar price. So, if I do happen to win the raffle, it would save me having to spend ~$3000 for a new air pistol.

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