Wednesday 19 September 2007

Which are the Best Personal Finance Blogs?

A tough question, as blogs differ considerably in their aims, and there is no one 'correct' way to rank the blogs. But there are some very good signposts available to point you towards some of the "best" personal finance blogs that are currently out there:

1. A list of the 25 most influential personal finance bloggers (and a ranking of the 'top 95') has been put together by YourCreditAdvisor. EnoughWealth manages to rank 58 in this listing ;)

2. A list of the 'top 100' personal finance blogs by Fire Finance uses a somewhat different methodology to find the top 100. EnoughWealth was omitted from this listing, but should be included in next month's update.

3. My monthly listing of the net worth of some PF Bloggers gives some indication of who has "hands on" experience investing -- but this list is not comprehensive as many PF Bloggers don't post their personal NW data.

4. is also a good source - just browsing the list of current most popular PF posts can help find the PF BLoggers who are generating interesting content.

Any other good listings that you know of?

The differences in the various "top 100" lists shows the problems inherent in any attempt to "rank" blogs. Some listings used somewhat 'obscure' data sources (at least I wasn't aware of some of these ranking tools), and even the most common means to rank blog traffic aren't 100% reliable - for example, not everyone has submitted their blogs to technorati, or installed a Quantcase widget in their blog template. Another factor to bear in mind is that such lists are always a "point in time" snapshot - blogs are continually rising and falling in popularity, and bloggers personal lives can impact on the quality and frequency of their posting. Finally, these lists to some extent are measuring how long a blog has been around (which impacts traffic, google rank, links etc.) and how savvy the blogger is at gaining exposure and increasing their traffic. Neither of which is necessarily an accurate indication of the quality of the blog content.

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FIRE Finance said...

Thanks for the mention enoughwealth.

Anonymous said...

I have about 18 years of investing experience and have managed our own investments all that time. I haven't published my information at all -- too paranoid.

I also found interesting how you've disclosed your net worth. I've always wondered who had the highest net worths in the pf blogosphere (you know, putting their money and advice where their mouth is) and you are on of them! Do you know who else could be high net worth as well? ;)