Friday 7 September 2007

Review: Debt Consolidation Care

DebtCC is a get-out-of-debt internet community site with information about:
* debt consolidation
* debt consolidation loans
* credit card debt
* debt settlement
* collection agencies
* payday loans
* creditors
* budgeting

They have a "Ranking Chart", which lists over 150 debt consolidation companies that offer debt consolidation, settlement, counseling and budgeting services.

There are interesting articles available on solving debt related problems and there are handy calculators that allow you work out such things as the real APR on your debts, how long it will take to pay off debt with a fixed monthly payment, and the debt to income (DTI) ratio which is an indicator of your financial health.

There is a comprehensive forum section with the following topics:
* Debt Consolidation and Settlement (83446 Posts)
* Payday Loan help (13400 Posts)
* Dealing with Collection Agencies (45045 Posts)
* Credit Repair (6341 Posts)
* Bankruptcy (2184 Posts)
* Identity theft (3036 Posts)
* Getting a Loan (4906 Posts)
* Dealing with Student Loans (1270 Posts)
* Community Success Stories (1904 Posts)
* My story (2436 Posts)
* Creditors and collection agency database (22219 Posts)
* The Pub, feedback and announcements (31334 Posts)

With some new insurance policies many financial institution including federal tax department have to renew his policies. Now people can pay taxes online with the help of online credit card access. Many financial institutions including private banks have revised their policies about debt finance, so now people have some relaxation on debt consolidation. Now with the effects of new policies procedure of getting personal loans is more easy and quick. Also the interest rate is quite low.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling me about this website. I am a college student at UNR and a regular reader of your blog. I have tons of payday loans and I am currently paying over 90% APR on each one of them. I had no idea what I was getting into when I signed up for these 2 payday loans to get my car fixed. I am going to keep reading their payday loan forums. Some people like in this topic mentioned here have been able to get the payday loan companies to give them a reprieve. Lets see if there is anyway I can get the APR back to normal levels so I can have a hope of paying back this debt.