Monday 28 May 2007

Blog Monetization: PPP Direct

I already monetize this blog with the occasional reviewme or payperpost sponsored blog advertising, although it's hard to find many opportunities that are relevant to personal finance/investing and that I'm happy to post about (either good or bad). A new method of getting paid to do reviews of products or websites/blogs is being released by PayPerPost - their new "direct" widget. This will enable potential advertisers who come across my blog apply to get a review/post done by me at the price I have specified. PPP will only be skimming off 10%, of which 5% goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing. In contrast other similar services can cost 40-50% of the fee paid by the advertiser. However, in the PPP Direct model the advertiser has to be visiting your blog when they decide to make a request for a specific blog post, so you've already done most of the "leg work" in sourcing the advertiser. I still think it's worth the 10% fee though to have my "rate" and the admin of handling post requests and getting paid all done by the PPP system. I've had the odd advertiser directly email me for a quote, and getting things organised this way can be a hassle. ReviewMe on the other hand charges a much higher "fee", but advertisers will have found you via the categorised blog directory maintained by them, so they have really "sourced" the advertiser for you. I'll have to wait and see whether any advertisers approach me via the PPP Direct widget.

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