Sunday 7 January 2007

Day 7 down, 358 to go

Spent $114.51 on groceries yesterday and another $88.27 today on groceries and some school supplies for DS1. I didn't do any exercise this weekend, but at least I stuck (more or less) to my diet plan. I'll have to make an effort to get some exercise at work tomorrow - there's a four storey metal staircase built into a cliff near my workplace (with a nice few of the Sydney skyline and Harbour Bridge from the top), so if it's not too hot at lunch time I'll climb up and down the staircase a few times for my exercise.

While driving home from the shops this afternoon the car's handling felt a bit odd - I thought the roads may have been a bit slippery from the rain, but it happened a bit too regularly so I checked all the tyres when we arrived home. Sure enough, one tyre was a bit soft and I found a nail stuck in it. As soon as I removed the nail the tyre completely deflated, so I had to put on the spare. I'll drop the car in for a new tyre tomorrow morning on the way to work, and have arranged to get a lift in to work from my co-worker (who lives close to our home). I doubt the puncture can be repaired, so I'll probably have to pay for a new tyre (I only got this one put one a few hundred km ago). Such is life.

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