Saturday 6 January 2007

Day 5 down, 360 to go

Grrrr - both a "spend day" AND an "overeat day" - luckily not *too* bad on either front. I took DW and the kids to our local shopping precinct to get a batch of digital photos printed (DW tends to get "cabin fever" if she stays at home for more than a two days in a row, and DS1 loves visiting the shops, even though he never buys anything!) Although the photo printing was free (using a coupon from my dad), DW visited the Target store and bought her and DS2 some clothing. Although the clothing was a real bargain (DW got a blouse for $3.87 that was originally priced over $27) it still ended up being $11.85 spent on clothing. The bad part of this family outing was that while there I succumbed to a "two pizzas for $5 deal" at the Pizza Hut outlet in the foodcourt (they're normally $4.95 each) and totally blew my diet plan for the day by eating them both (they were the small "personal pan" ones meant for 1 person, and it was way too much fat and calories for healthy eating, let along someone supposedly on a "diet"). Ah well, tomorrow is another day to get back on the wagon, and next week I'll be back at work and can "brown bag" my standard lunch each day.

I also nearly went beserk and bought a Grundig LCD TV that was on sale (for $1499 compared to "original" RRP of $3200), but DW convinced me to leave it and come back "tomorrow" to check it out in detail. Luckily when I got home I realised that I should make an in-depth analysis of all it's features and price it compared to other models and makes, and that we don't really *need* another TV right now (although a "big screen" digital TV has been on my "wants" list for a couple of years). Anyhow, I can't be bothered doing the necessary homework right now, and prices will keep dropping on such electronic toys, so I'll try to forget about it for another year or two.

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