Thursday 7 March 2024

Trading Accounts update

I haven't done an update on how my 'trading' accounts have performed since the end of December, so here is a quick status update.

Superhero App account:

A$284.05 This is 19 units of BetaShares Global Robotics and Artificial Intelligence ETF RBTZ.AU. Currently total return is +18.93%.

US$4,144.94. This is split across 7 investments:

6.51767 units of GOOGL.US Avg cost $139.0917. Last price $131.40

5.9521 units of AMZN.US Avg cost $152.3059. Last price $173.51

2.54349 units of BRK.B.US Avg cost $356.4197. Last price $403.96

1.46934 units of QQQ.US Avg cost $408.3466. Last price $438.79

5.0124 units of CORN.US Avg cost $24.2299. Last price $19.48

14.75716 units of WEAT.US Avg cost $8.2299. Last price $5.06

US$0.27 sitting in cash.

3.17395 units of ITA.US Avg cost $106.2101. Last price $129.53

Currently total return is 6.29%

Moomoo trading account:

Basically this is just 'day trading' the VAS ETF.

Currently the open position is 57 units of VAS bought at a notional $96.44 (I had previously bought at $94.55 but the price hit my 'take-gain' price target and still appeared to be in an up trend, so I notionally 'closed' that position and recalculated new stop-loss ($95.48) and take-gain ($98.37) price targets for the current trade. Latest closing price was $97.04.

Overall my current account value is $5,679.94 having made an overall profit of $632.31 (+8.96%) since I started trading on 26 Jul 2023. I have had 11 trades that made a gain, and 11 trades that made a loss, which is the 50:50 win:loss ratio I was hoping for. My stop-loss and take-grain price targets are set at 2% profit or -1% loss. So, with a trading position of around $5K, this mean I *should* make $100 on a profitable trade and lose -$50 on  losing trade. With a 50:50 win:loss ratio that should result in an average overall profit of around $25 per completed trade.

In reality I initially had trouble keeping positions open that were profitable (selling before the price target) when I got nervous, and once kept a position open when it dropped through the stop-loss price target (as it *seemed* to be bouncing off the bottom at a price that seemed like a technical support level). I have finally got a bit better at keeping trades open until they either hit the stop-loss or take-gain price target, and then close out the losing trades and either closing out the winning trade (if the trend seems to be weakening) or keeping it open after booking a 'notional' sale and calculating new price targets. I also had a couple of losing trades exceed my stop-loss due to gapping at the open, when I wasn't able to close out the position at my price target.

Overall, so far the trading results have been:

The positive results in both accounts are likely due mostly to the overall 'bull market' trend, so it will be interesting to see how I fare during a bear market period. The superhero account is intended to just be a long term investment to see how these 'picks' perform over 5-10 years, but the moomoo trading account should see my positions close out when the market starts to drop, and I generally should not be opening new positions in a general down trend (but the might be a few 'dead cat bounce' periods that fool me into placing a losing trade). We'll see how well my 'trading rules' perform in reality.

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