Monday 4 March 2024

Do me a favour?

For my PhD research I will be gathering some survey results. One of the channels I might use for some aspects of my research is a 'survey sharing' platform called 'SurveySwap'. You earn credits (to use to 'pay' for having your own survey done by suitable members) by completing the survey of other platform users.

Anyhow, if you have a survey you would like done by a random sample of respondents (or just want to help me get some credits that I can use to 'buy' survey responses for my PhD project), you can join up using the link below. If you join and fill in one survey, you will get 15 'credits' and so will I -- win-win ;)

You help other users by answering their surveys, and they will answer yours in return!

We both get 15 credits if you sign up with this link:

ps. My survey will probably 'cost' about 15 credits per response, which would cost about A$10 if I bought 'credits'. So any assistance in getting some free 'credits' will be of great help. Poor student and all that ;)

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