Friday 2 April 2021

Progress with completing Master of Financial Planning, and a delay

I managed to scrape in a 'high distinction' grade for the 'financial planning research project' course I did this past semester (Q1), with a mark of exactly 85% (the bare minimum mark required for an HD). Fortunately this means that my overall grade average is now 6.0 ('distinction') so I will only need to average a 'distinction' grade on the final two subjects to be able to graduate 'with distinction' ( or 'cum laude' if you want to sound posh). I expect I might only get a credit for the 'contemporary issues in taxation' course (the other tax course I did for this degree was a law-based course requiring legal arguments based on precedents, which I didn't find hugely interesting). so I'd better aim for getting an HD on the other course that I still have to do - the 'statement of advice research project'.

Unfortunately they've cancelled the running both of these courses in Q2, so I'll now have to do one in Q3 and the other in Q4, so I won't get to finish off this masters degree until the end of the year. At which time I'll be able to apply to enrol as a PhD candidate - providing they accept my previous bit and pieces of research coursework done previously (and one paper I co-authored thirty years ago!) as sufficient prior 'research training'. Otherwise I would have to enrol in an MRes degree first, which would take another four years to complete part-time (and cost buckets of money), so I probably wouldn't bother.

As I'll have no other courses to do in Q2, I'll focus on finishing off the two specialist courses in 'self-managed superannuation funds' and 'margin lending' that I've nearly completed with IIT. And also work through the four subjects required for the Advance Diploma in Financial Planning that I enrolled in a while ago, but so far haven't got around to doing much of.

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