Wednesday 15 April 2020

The joy of being an anti-social introvert during a pandemic

I've been somewhat bemused watching TV interviews of people complaining about the 'sacrifice' of staying at home, avoiding crowds and not having dinner parties. Personally I've always found socialising a bit of a chore and prefer watching a movie on TV or reading a book to eating out of going to a party. So being an an introvert and somewhat anti-social (in the sense of not feeling any great need to socialise) makes one perfectly suited to the current 'work from home' and 'social isolation' requirements. DW is a bit more social than me, so although she is enjoying working from home (enjoying working reduced hours - but not enjoying the reduced pay so much) four days a week, she's glad that she is still required to go in to the office one day per week (although I'm now driving her to and from work, so she doesn't need to catch public transport). I'm working from home five days a week (they've closed my office to all but a few essential staff that have to work on-site), and I'm quite content to sit at home with the boys (who spend most of the day in their rooms - DS1 doing uni assignments, and DS2 playing computer games and chatting with his school friends on discord).

In fact I've been enjoying working from home so much that I'll be disappointed when it's time to start commuting to work again every day.

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