Thursday 26 March 2020

Diet 2020 Wk 12 - week ending 22.MAR.2020

I haven't got my weekly macro summary figures to report, as I'm working from home and haven't updated my daily figures for the past week or so as I had a uni exam yesterday and didn't have much spare time. I'll probably do some catch-up data entry this weekend and report two week's of data next week.

Regardless of what the exact figures turn out to be, I know that my weight has slowly been increasing and I've been eating too much junk/snack food while stuck at home. I also have only been walking  about 5,000 steps/day while at home (especially as its been raining quite a bit for the past week), compared to over 10,000 steps/day when commuting to work. Combined with not going to the gym (gyms are now officially closed by government edict) or to Kendo training (indoor sports are also banned), I'm eating a lot more calories and burning off a lot less. So the inevitable result of having a calorie surplus is to gain weight.

So I need to set myself a strict meal plan and schedule to avoid browsing or snacking during the day and after dinner, and I also need to do some more walking and do some more weight training at home using my barbell and dumbbells.

I did manage to find my old skinfold calipers yesterday, so took a set of skinfold readings and used an online calculator to calculate body fat using various equations. The calculated body fat results were:
Formula               BF%
J-P 7 pt              15.98%
J-P 3 pt              13.71%
J-P 4 pt              15.10%
Parillo               15.86%
D/W                   24.89%
Navy tape             25.33%

There is significant variation in the results, depending on which formula is used, but the values close to 17% match the values I'd been getting (on average) from my old bathroom scales (which broke last week). My new bathroom scales seem to produce much higher body fat readings (around 25%), which I don't think is accurate.

As long as I get back into 'diet mode' and slowly reduce my weight to my target, and keep doing weight training to preserve lean mass, I don't think I have to worry too much about trying to get accurate body fat readings along the way. Once I get closer to my target weight I'll get my second DEXA scan done, and that should provide a more accurate reading of what my body fat is. In any case my goal is to loose the 'spare tyre' of fat I still have around my waist, not to hit any particular body fat reading.
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