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Friday, 7 October 2016

Diet & Exercise update - Week 31

Yet another week where I over-ate and under-exercised ;( I caught the last ten minutes of Dr Mosley's "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" doco being repeated on TV last night, so I've decided to salvage this week (and hopefully kick-start adopting a 5:2 diet lifestyle indefinitely) by doing a basic 'fasting mimicking diet' plan this weekend (loosely based on the carb:fat:protein mix reported for Dr Longo's FMD plan). My diet plan for this coming Saturday and Sunday is:

Brunch: 1 egg (fried with 1 tspn olive oil), 1 slice Gluten free white bread, 1 tspn 'proactive' margarine
Afternoon Snack: 50g of 'Authentic' French Fries (pkt crisps)
Dinner: La Zuppa Gluten free minestrone soup, 100g mixed frozen vegetables
Dessert: 1 apple, 1 Bulla split ice cream

Dr Longo's research used a dietary protocol that provided 34%-54% of normal caloric intake, with an overall composition of 9%-10% protein, 34%-47% carbohydrates and 44%-56% fat. From my previous experiments with the normal five day FMD program, it seems that it is the relatively high fat content of this composition that helps prevent any serious 'hunger pains'. For my two-day version of FMD, my overall dietary composition will be  11.9% protein, 53.6% carbs and 34.5% fat, and the 1019 kcals is roughly 40% of my 'maintenance' caloric requirement.

I tend to not be hungry in the morning, so this plan should be fairly easy to stick to. I'm doing target shooting on Saturday and Sunday morning, so not cooking my usual porridge for breakfast will save a bit of time. In any case, I have to get a 'fasting' blood test done on Saturday morning anyhow, so it's a good time to implement this weekend plan.

For the rest of the week I'll stick to my 'standard' meal plan (but hopefully cut out any extra snacks!).

.             Fibre      Carbs    Fat     Protein    kCals     Avg Wt   Steps
              g/dy       %        %       g/dy       /dy       kg       /dy
Week 25       41.2       64.8     21.7    120.2      3,555     91.9     12,955
Week 26       33.1       65.9     19.3    115.1      3,388     91.3     12,424
Week 27       39.0       55.7     26.7    132.4      3,024     91.6     12,653
Week 28       38.7       52.0     32.4    109.5      3,281     91.9     10,911
Week 29       33.3       53.6     28.9    120.3      3,469     91.5     11,568
Week 30       39.2       53.2     31.7    119.6      3,499     91.6      9,685
Week 31       38.8       55.2     30.5    126.6      3,820     92.3      7,111

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