Thursday 19 July 2007

Some Things Never Change

It seems a bit odd doing a book review about a book written in 1898, but "Everybody's Guide to Money Matters: with a description of the various investments chiefly dealt in on the stock exchange, and the mode of dealing therein" is actually a fun read. It's amazing how much things have stayed the same, such as cheque writing procedures, and yet the anachronistic references tickle my fancy. For example, the reference to reducing the government debt accumulated during the last great war seems familiar - until you realise that it's the Battle of Waterloo being referred to! I can recommend having a read through this book for fun. And, being a free ebook from the gutenberg project, the price is right ;)

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Anonymous said...

The more of these blogs I read, the more books I end up putting on my list.

I guess it never hurt anyone to read a little...or allot.