Monday 16 July 2007

Blog Performance and Monetization Update: July 2007

Readership continued to increase during June, managing to surpass the May totals even without the one-date spike that occurred in May. I did make some comments on the dilbert blog, which prompted a few of the dibert fans to check out EnoughWealth.

My Technorati rating has increased from 30 last month to hit 63. My Alexa rank managed to get below 900,000 a couple of times, but is generally stuck just above that level.

In terms of income generation, PayPerPost has generated the only significant amounts of revenue, paying out US$297.25 so far. Blogsvertise, SponsoredPosts, and ReviewMe provide similar revenue opportunities but with much less frequency. The best thing about these are that payments are made into my PayPal account, rather than having to accumulate a large enough credit to justify the costs of banking a USD cheque in Australia.

Google AdSense revenue is tiny, so I've set up a 'wrapper' of code from AdBrite which displays AdBrite ads unless they can't beat the CPM rate I've estimated would be achieved by displaying the AdSense ads. So far I've accumulated a credit for US$26.72, but I've set the threshold to be paid via Cheque to US$100, otherwise the cost of banking a USD cheque into my Australian bank account would take too large a chunk out of the revenue.

I've yet to achieve any credit from displaying the Newsroom content, and my Amazon affiliate earnings haven't increased since a few books were purchased by a blog visitor last year.

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