Saturday 21 July 2007

Frugal Living: Children's Books

DS1 is an avid reader - so much so that it would be uneconomical to buy him novels to read. I have bought some encyclopaedia's, dictionaries and reference books, but for novels we tend to just borrow books from the local library. He has enjoyed the Enid Blyton series "Secret Seven" and "Famous Five", even though they are very old fashioned. I remember reading a "Tom Swift" novel when I was around his age (7), so I did a search on the site to see if these books were now out of copyright. Sure enough, you can download the series for free. One thing I did notice was that the language in some of the Tom Swift stories seems very *ist by modern standards, so you might want to either edit the text or use the books as a starting point for discussing how racial and cultural stereotypes are inaccuate and offensive...

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Candice said...

Fantastic webpage. I've also started to make use of the local library, and because I live in a country town they will order in books for me. Just yesterday I took home 2 bags full of glossy home design books. I always thought I'd have an at-home library, but I'm realising that most books go out of date anyway and just collect dust. I hope more people start using the library so they can order more and more books (I often request books I've seen reviewed on US Blogs that the Aussie system doesn't stock yet).

I look forward to looking around your blog,
Cheers, C