Friday, 9 February 2007

Net Worth - PF Bloggers progress for JAN '07 **updated**

Here's the latest round-up on how the various PF bloggers who post their Net Worth each month are progressing. I've updated this post to include a copy of newcomers. Leave a comment if I've missed yours out!

Monthly Net Worth of PF Bloggers for JAN 2007:

Blogger Age Net Worth $ Change % Change
Accumulating Money 2x $49,287.71 $3,582.55 7.8%
Binary Dollar 2x no Jan data no Jan data N/A
Blogging Away Debt 2x -$38,182.00 $509.00 1.3%
Blunt Money 2x $232,481.25 $4,246.93 1.9%
Consumerism Commentary 30 $75,173.52 $6,306.91 9.2%
Crazy Money 27 $247,301.00 $5,316.00 2.2%
Enough Wealth 45 $1,058,372.00 $25,589.00 2.5%
Financial Freedom 30 no Jan data no Jan data N/A
Financial ladder xx $140,597.24 $5,750.69 4.3%
Finance Journey 25 $153,284.00 $3,655.00 2.4%
It's Just Money 32 $157,013.01 $2,691.53 1.7%
Lazy Man and Money 2x $184,349.19 $2,561.58 1.4%
Make love, not debt 2x -$66,274.27 $4,513.67 6.4%
Making Our Way 37 $639,201.77 $34,000.00 5.6%
Mapgirl 3x $36,183.00 $2,183.00 6.4%
Money Blog Site 25 -$34,038.84 N/A N/A
My Money Blog 28 $123,489.00 $8,980.00 7.8%
My Money Path 29 no Jan data no Jan data N/A
My Open Wallet 37 no Jan data no Jan data N/A
New Age Personal Finance 31 no Jan data no Jan data N/A
Savvy Saver 27 no Jan data no Jan data N/A
Seeking Wealth xx no Jan data no Jan data N/A
Tired But Happy xx $133,712.00 N/A N/A

nb. Some ages have been adjusted as follows:
exact age provided = listed as given
"20's" = listed as 2x
"early 20's" = listed as 22
"mid-late 20's" = listed as 27
and so on.


Anonymous said...

I suppose you can include me as well if you like:

Anonymous said...

Just commenting on how much I appreciate this list you complile every month. It motivates me a little more to improve our net worth...

Daisy said...

I'd love to be included. I'm just starting out, so I've only got my initial net worth posted so far. But I plan to post regular updates.

mapgirl said...

Hi! Could you change the link to my new blog rather than the old one?


Anonymous said...

Looks like I wasn't included this month. I will admit that I'm weird that do my financials from 15th of the month to the 15th of the month, so maybe that's the confusion.

Unknown said...

I just started tracking my net worth, so it will be nice to see where I go:

Anonymous said...

I love this list. Could you include me?

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a very nice list to put everything on one page. Thanks for the effort. Could you please include me in the last as well? You can find my latest update here
I am in the late 30s range.

mOOm said...

This is cool. Someone else once had an "index" they computed of bloggers. Have you thought of doing that. You can add me :)

Daisy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
English Major said...

I think this is an amazing thing to see; thanks for posting it.

Come the end of this month, I'll be posting my own net worth at NetWorthIQ (as englishmajormoney), and I hope you'll include me in the next roundup.

Thanks again!