Thursday 1 February 2007

It's Raining Credit

Now that the holiday season is over everyone must be back at work over at the credit card companies - they've started sending out offers to increase my credit limits. Yesterday I received an offer to increase the credit limit on one of the CCs I used for a 0% balance transfer for the past 6 months, from $6500 to $9750. And then today I received an offer from Citibank to increase my line of credit limit from $35K to $45K. I'll accept both these credit limit increases as it doesn't hurt to have more credit available (except when applying for a home loan, where they count all the available credit limits as if you had borrowed that amount). But I won't be using any the CC as I have another one for my day-to-day purchases which I pay off in full each month. I may use the Citibank line of credit account at the end of the financial year to prepay a year's margin loan interest (to get an immediate tax deduction on the interest), and then pay off this balance over the following few months.

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