Sunday 24 May 2020

Things slowly moving towards a 'new normal'

The NSW version of  'lock down' is starting to be wound back. At its most restrictive, our family was spending most of our time at home, with DS1 doing his uni course 'virtually', DS2 doing the same for high school, and then attending school one day each week. I've been working from home since March, and will continue to do so until I *have* to go back to the office - commuting is a great time-waster, and I prefer working from home as long as possible. DW was having to go into the office one day and was hoping to be able to continue working from home, but now is considering whether she might quite her job (and 'retire') as her employer may insist on everyone going back into the office full time. DS2 will be going back to attending physical high school full-time from next week - but rather than catch the school bus I'll drop him off close to school each morning and collect him in the afternoon. Fortunately I can make the 'round trip' from home office to his selective high school in around 30 mins.

Beaches and parks are available again for outdoor activities, although social distancing is still supposed to be applied. Yesterday DS2 had his first Kendo session since the club shut down - but it was in small groups of 6 in an outdoor park, rather than being held indoors. Restaurants are being re-opened for dining in, but with limitations on numbers that comply with social distancing requirements. Hopefully infection rates will remain low and the inevitable 'clusters' of infection that spring up can be quickly brought under control, so businesses don't need to be totally shut-down again.

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