Wednesday 3 April 2013

Net Worth Update: March 2013

Investment class valuations were all down slightly over the March period, presumably due to reduced investor confidence caused by the Cyprus financial upheavals. My net worth was also impacted slightly by some above-average monthly expenses - payments of the annual land tax due on our rental property, plus the costs associated with travelling to Townsville with DS1 to attend my graduation ceremony. Only our mortgage balance moved in the right direction during March, but only by a trivial amount.

The Sydney property market is looking reasonably robust, with the RBA interest rate cuts to a historic low of 3% finally starting to stimulate buyer interest, despite high property prices. So we may see a small overall gain in the value of our property portfolio over the remainder of 2013. The quarterly influx of employer superannuation contributions (SGL and salary sacrifice amounts) is due in April, which should add about $6,000 to my SMSF account balance next month. So, providing North Korea doesn't start WWIII and the stock market gets over the Cyprus jitters, April may recoup the value lost during March.

Assets$ Amount $ Diff% Diff
Stocks *$7,642-$11,961n/a
Debts$ Amount $ Diff% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)$363,429-$122-0.03%
Net Worth$1,003,428-$21,574-2.10%
* the Stocks figure is portfolio value - margin loans

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