Sunday 14 April 2013

Labor is busy rearranging the deck-chairs of the Titanic

Having failed to balance the budget since they came to power, Labor is busy finding ways to fund their promised reforms by merely shifting around existing government spending instead. Their latest idea is to take a couple of billion dollars funding out of the tertiary sector in order to meet part of the massive cost of starting to implement the Gonski reforms (it would still leave about $4b unfunded, but that will probably be left to the states to cover). While this is one Labor party policy initiative that would actually directly benefit us (since we have kids in the public primary and secondary education sectors, but I'm past the stage of paying HECS fees or claiming self-education tax deductions, so the cuts won't impact me) I still think this is a very poor way of trying to find more money to improve the Australian public education system. I can't help but think the coalitions plan for cheaper, lower spec NBN would be a better way to trim enough from the budget to fund the Gonski reforms.

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