Wednesday 13 June 2012

Changing plans

Looks like the JCU Centre for Astronomy (where I'm doing my Masters by distance education) is going to be closed down by the uni. Hopefully it won't affect the final subject of the MAstron that I'm already enrolled in for the second half of 2012. But it will mean I can't continue on to the part-time Doctorate or PhD by distance education that I was planning to start next year at James Cook Uni.

Once I get my result for the subject I completed last week, I'll start shopping around for local alternatives (and potential supervisors). Three of the local unis offer postgrad research degrees in astrophysics (either a MPhil, MRes or PhD), but I'm not sure if they are available part-time (or my chances of getting my application accepted). On the plus side, I wouldn't have to fly up to Townsville three times a year to see my supervisor if I enrol in a local uni part-time.

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