Monday 11 July 2011

Someone hijacked my old email account and sent spam!


I noticed some odd spam email I received that seemed to be coming from one of my old, unused email accounts (an account I just keep open in case I want to refer to an old email from years ago). I logged into that account to check what was going on, and, sure enough, the "sent" folder has a record of spam emails being sent out. Fortunately it appears there were only a few spams sent every day or so, and the account is so old that most of the addresses in contacts list are probably no longer active.

Anyhow, I've changed the password so hopefully that will prevent any further use of the account by the mystery spammer. I suppose I was lucky that the account had security questions set up, which may have prevented the account password being changed by whoever/whatever was using the account to sent spam.

Anyone else had this problem with one of their public email accounts being hacked?

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anti spam software said...

I once had my hotmail accounts hacked, but unlike you I wasn't able to login into my accounts. Good thing they weren't my personal emails. I now use a different email whenever I'm asked to register an account, and only use my personal email in social media sites.