Tuesday 12 July 2011

Another Term, Another D

Uni results for Semester 1 came out last week and I managed to get another Distinction in my MAstron coursework. I was hoping I might finally get an HD, but didn't realistically expect it as for two of my tutorial assignments I only scored 6/10 and 7/10, and the final exam included a few questions where I wasn't confident I had the correct answer. As the exam paper took about 14 hours to complete, I didn't have enough time to double check all the calculation questions, and some of my essay-style answers could have done with further consideration and a re-write.
Also, as there were only about a dozen students taking this subject, the university's policy on grade distribution made it tough to score an HD. With only one HD probably given out, you have to top the course to get one. My GPA of 6.0 is still pretty good, but not good enough for a university medal (which requires at least a 6.5 GPA, meaning I'd have to get an HD for ALL of the remaining three subjects - two of which are a literature review and a small "research" project, where the chances of getting an HD may be affected by what research project topic I am allocated).

The course is certainly interesting and fun though, so hopefully I can manage at least D's for all the remaining subjects, which hopefully will be sufficient to get accepted into the Doctor of Astronomy course in 2014.

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