Tuesday 11 January 2011

Amazing flash flooding in Queensland

It's been raining a LOT this summer, due to the 'la Nana' effect in the Pacific ocean between Australia and South America (the opposite effect, 'el Nino' regularly causes droughts here). But in the past week Queensland has been getting additional heavy rainfall which, with the ground already saturated, is causing flash flooding. Even parts of the capital city, Brisbane, are now under threat.

One amateur video available from the Sydney Morning Herald website is amazing - the swollen creek has a flash flood that washes away parked cars within minutes. I think the person who rescued his 4WD was a bit daft though - I would rather have let my car wash away than risk being swept away myself.

So far there are ten confirmed dead, and about 78 missing. With more rain expected over the next couple of days...

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1 comment:

Asher said...

Hi there,

Saw the video you were talking about on the SMH yesterday - it was crazy and incredible to see the power of the water in such a short time. It was as if they were toy cars!

Am glad to see the worst of it seems to be over now but I think it will be a long time before Queensland can get back to anything approaching normality.