Thursday 1 April 2010

Net Worth Update: March 2010

Stock portfolio value increased significantly during March, which meant our SMSF account also rose (as our superannuation is largely invested in the stock market via the Vanguard High Growth Index Fund). There were no employer contributions deposited during this month. Our real estate investments also saw a significant rise in valuations compared to the previous month's data, but future monthly NW updates will not include current property value estimates because the website has been revamped and the monthly median sales price data is no longer available. In future months I'll simply increase valuations by 0.4%, which should be slightly below the long term price trend. I can make adjustments every six months when other data becomes available.

Assets___________$ Amount______$ Diff_____% Diff
Stocks____________$60,647_____$13,181____27.77 %
Retirement_______$342,441_____$17,748_____5.47 %
Home_____________$864,631_____$17,836_____2.11 %

Debts____________$ Amoount_____$ Diff_____% Diff
Home Mortgage(s)_$364,555________-$67____-0.02 %

Net Worth________$903,164_____$48,833_____5.72 %

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Sukhdev said...

Hi...looks like you're on your way to become a millionaire again!!!

sectional sofas said...

stocks had a great run this Q, it always feels good when they are headed up but there should be the inevitable backslide sometime this year :( have you looked into going private transactions and value investing?