Thursday 11 June 2009

Free Qantas Frequent Flyer membership

My wife got a free membership of the Qantas Frequent Flyer years ago when a program of another airline closed down in Australia. I never bothered joining QFF as the annual fee made membership a dubious benefit. However, the Woolworths EveryDayRewards program recently linked up with QFF and in future spending more than $30 in a single Woolworths transaction will earn you QFF points if your EveryDayRewards account is linked to a QFF account. What I just found out today is that EveryDayRewards members who don't already have a QFF account can join QFF for free via the Woolworths website (usual cost is around $90). I had a read through the QFF terms and conditions and I couldn't see anything about an annual fee in the Fees section, so maybe this QFF membership will be free for life, like my wife's membership. In any case, if there is a fee after the first year I can always cancel the QFF membership, so I joined up today. Fortunately QFF points don't expire, as it will take around five years for me to earn enough QFF points for a basic round trip fare to Auckland or Perth from Sydney, if I only earn QFF points from my grocery shopping at Woolworths! Still, the points appear to be in addition to the normal 4c/L fuel discount you get for each Woolworths transaction over $30, so it's an extra benefit at no cost. (Well, yes, the true cost will be hidden in the overall grocery pricing structure of Woolworths. But since the prices apply equally to shoppers who don't join the EveryDayRewards program or QFF, and also to transactions below $30 which aren't entitled to points, the benefit for members transactions over $30 should be greater than the resulting price hike - all other things being equal).

Anyhow, it gives me another rewards points balance to keep track of ;)

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Rob said...

My QFF membership (about 4 years old) doesn't have (and never did) an annual fee.. You might be confused with the QANTAS CLUB memberships (which are completely different) said...

It's always been free for international (non-Australian) persons to join, but Australians had to pay a fee (except in special cases, like my wife's migration from another airline's program that was shutting down).

Current "Join Now" information from the Qantas QFF website main page:

"Join Now
You can become a Qantas Frequent Flyer and receive your Frequent Flyer number instantly. Start earning Frequent Flyer award points by completing the online application form below.

Australian and New Zealand residents need to pay a once only joining fee of:
Australian residents - A$82.50*
New Zealand residents - NZ$50
* Includes GST.

Joining fee must be paid by credit card."

So, joining via the Woolworths EveryDayRewards member site link saves Australians $82.50

At least by checking this I found out that it is a once-only fee I've saved ie. there won't be any annual fee to pay.