Thursday 11 June 2009

Coles Gift Card promotion

I received an email today telling me that I had accrued $3.51 as at the end of May. Provided my total exceeds $5.00 by the time the promotion ends on 31 July, I'll be sent a Coles gift-card for the amount accrued. When you spend over $30 in one transaction you receive 1c credit per dollar spent. There are also some 'Boost' products advertised around the store where you earn an extra $1 credit for buying them. I did buy one such product a few weeks ago, but I can't tell if I received the $1 bonus as the monthly gift card statement doesn't provide details of the individual transactions that accrued credits. It's a pity that this promotion ends next month - after that happens the QFF points available with the Woolworths loyalty program will entice me compared to the standard FlyBuys points available at Coles.

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