Saturday 4 April 2009

Net Worth Update: March 2009

My net worth as at 31 March increased by $35,340 (+6.09%) during the month to $615,554 (AUD), recovering almost exactly the amount lost during February. The increases this month were mostly due to the share market recovery, which boosted my geared equity investments (up by $19,615) and the value of my retirement savings (SMSF up $9,963 or 4.25%). Our employer will make the monthly contributions to our SMSF for Jan-Mar during April, but this won't boost our SMSF balance very much as the annual superannuation tax for 2008 of around $8,500 has to be paid before 15 May.

The valuation of our real estate investments also increased slightly (by $2,360 or 0.31%). The balance of my half of the mortgage reduced by $3,502 to -$364,461 as we used our tax refund for 2008 to pay down some of the variable loan balance.

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