Tuesday 21 April 2009

Bought some new mobile phones

We've been using two Sony Erikson K608i handsets with our $28 shared plan for just over three years now. Aside from the recent problems with being charged for unwanted 'premium SMS' messages being sent to DWs phone, we've been pretty happy with the plan and the handsets - enough to get rid of our land line last year.

However DWs handset has been dropped a few times too often while looking after DS1 and DS2, and had started having problems. The charger plug was a very loose fit, which sometimes caused the phone to stop charging if it was nudged during a charge. And today the mouse-stick controller suddenly stopped working. So we dropped into the nearest retail outlet of our phone service and I signed a new two year contract. The service plan remains the same ($28 a month for the two phones) and we got two new Sony Erikson G502 handsets for $14 a month with a $10 per month credit. So, in theory, my monthly bill for the next two years should now be $32 rather than $28. However, I'll have to check this on the next phone bill - the $5 'credit' might turn out to be additional included call credits rather than actually reducing the monthly handset payment to $2.

If the credit is applied in the way it was explained in the shop, the total cost of the new phones should be $48 each. If we decide to cancel our phone service within two years we would have to pay out the balance of the full cost of each handset ($168).

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FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

Canada has some of the worst plans ever for cell phones. So I envy anyone who is happy with their phones!

I hate signing contracts but I may do it for a good phone like a Palm Pre and if I lived in the US

Chris said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I have a really hard time with choosing the right mobile phone for myself. This helped a bit.