Sunday 13 April 2008

An Elite Credit Card with a difference

The website has an information centre that provides some useful information about the usual CC topics such as new credit products, credit repair post bankruptcy, credit bureaus and bad credit. However, it also has some more esoteric information that you might not find elsewhere. For example, this Elite credit cards page provides some information about the Sotheby's World MasterCard and the Sotheby's World Elite MasterCard, which are definitely not your "typical" credit card offering. Do you earn well into the six figures? Fancy buying expensive art works to decorate your penthouse, inviting your friends along to the best museums free of charge, take a helicopter tour or rent a mansion in Europe? Well, if so, this card may be just what you are looking for.

I can't imagine that many multi-millionaires shop around for their next credit card using the Internet, but perhaps their personal assistant or accountant will come across this website while surfing the 'net on company time. Anyhow, it's interesting to read about some of the products and services available to those living at the top end of the wealth distribution curve. I may not be in the position to justify paying $85 annual fee for this card (I also couldn't get one since I'm not a US resident), but I can imagine some people would like having the card in their wallet (it looks a bit more up-market than the usual MasterCard from AnyBank). However, the Elite version (available by invitation only) is really only suited to those for whom money is no object, and are happy to pay $395 a year for "personal" services such as:

  • 24/7 concierge and travel consultation
  • Complimentary Business Class companion international air tickets
  • Upgrades from Economy to Business Class on international air travel
  • Global airport lounge access
  • Upgrades and amenities at 700+ top hotels, resorts, spas, lodges and villas
  • Complimentary shore excursions on 400+ luxury cruises annually

I don't think I'll ever be rich enough to want such services, even when my assets (net worth?) exceed the US$2 million which is apparently required to get an "invitation" :)

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