Saturday 8 March 2008

Net Worth of PF Bloggers: February 2008

Here's the current financial situation of some personal finance bloggers who post their net worth each month.

Monthly Net Worth of some PF Bloggers for February 2008:

Blogger Age Net Worth $ Change % Change
An English Major's Money 24 $21,759.00 $508.00 N/A
Aspire 2 Wealth 2x $27,179.00 $1,629.00 N/A
Blogging Away Debt 2x -$31,193.00 $1,944.00 N/A
Consumerism Commentary 30 $135,649.00 $9,879.00 8.4%
Debt Free 4 Ever 39 $48,143.00 $274.00 N/A
Enough Wealth 46 $1,063,755.00 -$2,302.00 -0.2%
How I Save Money 27 -$17,929.00 $3,292.00 N/A
Lazy Man and Money 2x $213,031.00 -$315.00 -2.7%
Map Girl 32 $43,016.00 $404.00 N/A
MaxLoot 25 $38,975.00 $2,591.00 N/A
Moomin Valley 42 $445,175.00 $7,440.00 1.7%
My Money Blog 28 $232,413.00 $13,875.00 6.3%
Savvy Saver 27 $226,073.00 $5,286.00 2.4%

nb. Some ages have been adjusted as follows:
exact age provided = listed as given
"20's" = listed as 2x
"early 20's" = listed as 22
"mid-late 20's" = listed as 27
and so on.

If you have any corrections, let me know as soon as possible after the post and I'll edit immediately. If it's more than a few days after the post, email me and I'll make the change the following month.

Note: Most of these figures are in USD, but some are not (eg. mine are in AUD). Also, some bloggers post combined net worth of a couple, others are single, or, like me, only post their personal net worth.

The N/A figures are either a lack of monthly data, or where I've not included % change data because the net worth is less than +/- $100K.

I've had some appreciative comments about this regular monthly post - if you like it, please link to it from your blog, or add a link to EnoughWealth to your blogroll. ;)

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